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A Bohemian wedding

Anne of Brittany was Europe’s most sought after matchmaker at the start of the 16th century. Ready why in European history scholar Hilde van den Bergh’s Hemmahoshilde blog. http://lrd.to/SENSEOFTOUCH

hemmahoshilde (@Hilde's home)

A while back I wrote about Ferdinand of Aragon who married his grandniece Germaine of Foix in 1505. Anne of Brittany had a hand in that as my friend Rozsa Gaston rightfully pointed out, but that wasn’t the only one she helped match a young sophisticated lady in her care to a much older but powerful man. Before Anne of Brittany helped Germaine of Foix she had already successfully matched Germaine’s niece Anne of Foix-Candace to the much older childless king Vladislas II of Hungary and Bohemia. They got married on 29 september 1502 and Anne of Foix-Candale was crowned Queen of Hungary the same day. Despite the enormous age difference 28 (!) years between them the marriage was regarded a success. Anne was 18 when she married and Vladislas II 46. Vladislas II reportedly saw her as a friend, assistant and trusted advisor. Vladislas II gave her many…

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