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Budapest Romance, Serbian edition, just out July 2019.

A tale of two foreigners falling in love in Budapest’s thermal bath spas.

http://lrd.to/Budapestromance #contemporary#romance#Serbian#edition#newrelease by #Vulkan#press#Budapest#thermalspas#serbia


Budapest Romance Serbian edition 7-22-19Budapeset Romance bio in Serbian02 Buda promo

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The Freelance History Writer


My current writing project includes a section on queenship.  Because the study of how queens exercised power is a relatively new discipline, it is challenging to define.  If we look up the word queenship in the dictionary, the meaning is “the state, office, or dignity of a queen”.  The dictionary states the first time the word appears is in 1530-40 but doesn’t cite an actual reference to support this.

In the last several years, much new scholarship has arisen in queenship and the true meaning of the word is not as simple as that given in the dictionary.  If we look up the word “kingship”, there is an additional definition saying “kingship” is an “aptitude for kingly duties”.  This could be changed to say an “aptitude for queenly duties” and be considered a more apt definition for queenship.

What constitutes queenship?  What are some examples of women in history exercising…

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Mary, Queen of Scots

Get read to see Mary, Queen of Scots with this well-written blogpost by Susan Abernethy of The Freelance History Writer.

The Freelance History Writer

Many know the story of Mary, Queen of Scots. While telling the story of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland I was struck by the similarities between her and her granddaughter, Mary. They both had three husbands and had a child named James who became King of Scotland when they were just babies. Both women allowed their private lives to influence their public life contributing to a loss of political credibility. It’s time to revisit all the incredible and memorable adventures of Mary, Queen of Scots.

There are a few things to keep in mind when recounting the story of Mary. The first is Mary started at a young age to consider herself the Queen of England and even had the symbol of England quartered on her coat of arms. Queen Elizabeth I would never forgive her for this affront. Mary felt Henry VIII had made a mistake in naming the…

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Booklife mentions Anne and Louis 11-19-18

Landing pageAnne and Louis joins Sense of Touch and Anne and Charles in the Anne of Brittany Series.  Learn from early Renaissance ruler Anne of Brittany the power of self-possession and self-confidence.

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Anne and Louis crop BookLife Prize Semi FinalistOct. 1, 2018

Anne and Louis has been named the top-seeded Semifinalist in General Fiction for the BookLife Prize from Publishers Weekly.

Finalists will be announced November 1, 2018. Thank you to Booklife and Publishers Weekly for bringing my story to today’s readers.—Anne, Duchess of Brittany, twice Queen of France

Anne of Brittany headshot Nurycat Anne of Brittany, image by Nurycat

Book Two of the Anne of Brittany Series, Anne and Louis is the story of the first years of Anne of Brittan’s marriage to Louis XII, King of France. Cast of characters include Cesare Borgia, Christine de Pizan, Marie de France, Machiavelli and more. Pre-order Anne and Louis here. Out Nov. 29, 2018. Anne and Louis BookLife Prize semifinals 10-1-18

Anne of Brittany Nantes Art Blog Statue of Anne of Brittany (1477-1514), Nantes, France

Receiving a 10.00 out of 10 in four categories, the story of Anne of Brittany’s marriage to Louis XII, King of France, is Book Two of the Anne of Brittany Series.

Anne and Louis BookLife Prize critique 9-19-18AnneLouis-BACK-cvr Midwest Review 9-21-18

Anne of…

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A two minute discussion of the basis of Anne of Brittany’s self-confidence
with Michael Dandry of WVOX 1490 AM, New Rochelle, NY, Mar. 12, 2018


Anne of Brittany Nantes Art Blog Statue of Anne of Brittany (1477-1514), Nantes, France

Find Anne and Charles here.

Find Sense of Touch here.

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One of the best European history blogs, @hemmahoshilde, weighs in on the mysterious Magritte.

hemmahoshilde (@Hilde's home)

To pick the second artist was almost more difficult than the first, because I challenged myself to not only come up with 26 artist but roughly half of them should be modern ones. I don’t actually like modern art that much so this was a lot more difficult than the classic ones. The one I picked is a surrealist called Rene Magritte. Normally I’m not a fan of surrealism because it has a tendency to be quite dark and creepy and mysterious in kinda an attention seeking way but Magritte’s work tends to be lighthearted or at least witty. He even signed a manifesto written by his friends called surrealism in full sunshine.

You probably think you don’t know who this Magritte is but there is a good chance you know one of his most famous works where he painted a pipe and under it it says this is not…

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