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Hilde van den Bergh of Hemmahoshilde Blog gives us the story of what happened to Anne of Brittany’s jolted fiance, Maximilien I of Austria. Consensus? She did well to throw him over for Charles VIII of France.

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Maybe it sounded a bit greedy that Mary of Burgundy demanded a golden wedding ring with a diamond of Maximilian I before even meeting her future husband in person, but she probably did the right thing considering the wedding gift he presented to his second wife Bianca Maria Sforza.

At first the idea sounds quite lovely. He renovated a building in Innsbruck so that they would have a royal box from which they could enjoy festivals, tournaments and other festivities. The most important improvement he made to the building was that he had the 2,738 copper tiles on the roof fire-gilded.

He added many different heraldry weapons but that’s fine, because at least he added his second wife’s family weapon as well.

They were all weapons that had to do with Maximilian I except for the last one the snake eating a child that was the family weapon of the…

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